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Criminal Trial Practice and Government Investigations

Being charged with a crime or learning that the government is conducting an investigation is an unsettling and emotional experience, not just for our clients, but for our clients’ families as well. We treat clients and their families with respect and understanding during these trying times. We value our relationships with our clients, which is why we always make ourselves available to them and their families. Our clients are our priority and we treat them that way.

Our attorneys have defended clients in hundreds of jury trials during our decades of trial practice in both the federal and state courts. The differences between practicing in the federal and state courts are significant and it is important to have attorneys that understand these differences.

We view every case and every client as unique because they are unique. We keep this view in mind when we set out to attack the prosecution’s case. We pride ourselves on engaging in exhaustive research in order to uncover the factual and legal arguments that will benefit our clients.

We are also sensitive to the collateral matters associated with criminal cases. These collateral matters include sentencing considerations, tax consequences, license ramifications and other consequences that our experienced attorneys are prepared to handle.

Appellate and other post-conviction proceedings (e.g. habeas corpus, motions for new trial) are another area where Butters Brazilian has experienced tremendous success. Our detailed research and persuasive legal writing have been paramount to our success in these areas.

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